How do you make mini 3D origami roses ? Extra: If possible, mini bead sculptures?

Anime~ asked the question:

Does anyone knows where I can learn, or if you know: how to make mini origami roses, kind of like the mini 3D star but just, roses. Very cute!

Extra: If anyone does knows, where they teach how to make mini bead sculptures… thx!

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i want to learn english?

sparkkings asked the question:

i am seriously looking for someone who would teach me english or u can say its my dream to speek english like an english men.soo anyone there wanna teach….living in south asia..we dont have soo much english out there..but its my fantasy..anyone there to gide me?or wanna know about south asia thogh it wuld bee also a source of learning..we can make it posible throgh phone or through net…pls gide..i need ur help!

ohh yes! but its something else to chat with a person whos first languge is the same u wanna learn..right?soo thats what i am looking for..ya there is lot of stuff in market to learn but im looking for an english dilect (may i spel it right or?) i think u may understand my poin.

about me:im male lining in soth asia, love art work..i paint and make sculptures. nature loving..humm a lot more is there tell u later…my mail add is same as my nick name..
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I have so many Interest, How can I balance it? ?

Mr. Learn asked the question:

I have alot of Interest and I have alot of things that I want to do while I’m young (21 years old). I am an artist. I do drawing, painting, sculpture (I win alot of awards on arts when I was in high school). I like writing and and reading books ( I’m in love with the power of words and vocabularies and having a great thurst for knowledge). I like studying Philosophy (Ancient greece, Renaissance, Friedrich Nietzsche, Post modernism). Becoming an advanced English speaker and learning another language (Spanish as my 3rd language together with english and tagalog). Economy, Investing and bussiness as well (So I can play with the market and build my nest egg and to have a great living to help my family). I also love Photography (winning a couple of competition in EnviroPhoto contest). I like technology (working as a technical support in a call center). I like studying different religions and its rich history (christianity,Islam,Protestantism,Judais… etc..). I’m an advanced magician and also do some theatrical arts (member of the Houston brotherhood of magician and my University performing artists group).
I’m currently a nursing student ( as my career).

Mr. Learn, more
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What job do you think i would be good at?

little lady asked the question:

I’m a clever girl but i don’t really have much of an interest in the academic side of learning anymore.
I have always been very creative as well & now i have decided i want to pursue a career in that field but what do you suggest i do?

I love to draw, paint & take pictures
I’m quite good at sculpturing & pottery
I also have tons of ideas for outfits/designs/jewelry - & i seem to have a knack for knowing what’s going to come into fashion usually like a season or more before hand.
I love music a lot! - I’m never with out my ipod & can tell a hit song way before its released in the charts.
I’m also very good with technical stuff such as computers ect
& i have been known to write a bit of poetry

hope they can help you think of some ideas :D

P.S anything that involves travel & with good wages will be perfect lol x

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Whenever you make a sculpture, what do you learn from making that sculpture?

Grapy asked the question:

Clearly, what do you learn from making any sculpture?

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which site is best to learn Sculpture and clay modeling?

web d asked the question:

tell me the best website to learn sculpture and clay modeling best ever best……..

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What can we learn about the ancient chinese based on their sculptures, architecture, or festivals?

Dixie Lover asked the question:

I need to know this for social studies, you can say what we can learn from sculptures, architecture, and or festivals. I dont care, i would just like any or all of them. Thank you!!

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Is there a lot of math involved in ceramic’s and Sculpture?

Nails asked the question:

I am doing an HND in fine art and as part of the course we need to have classes on ceramic’s and sculpture. I am so nervous about starting these tutorial’s, as I am really bad at math!!! I have a learning disability and I am ashamed to tell anyone. :S

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What to get for wood sculpture chisels?

Ell asked the question:

Hey I want to learn to use chisels for wood sculpture and I was wondering what types I should get to get started and where I might find them.

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Does a sculpture have to have certain dimensions?

AUM asked the question:

I have learned many rules in my 3D class, like inside and outside space, and interest from all angles. I feel confined and I wonder if any sculptors can help me. Can a two-dimensional object with an inch of depth hanging be a sculpture? What are the guidelines you have for yourselves? Thank You for Sharing!

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I want to learn sculpture where do i start on line tutorials?

norma2u2 asked the question:

Thats all I can afford

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Any suggestions for learning about art history?

Beth asked the question:

I want to learn more about art history. I’ve traveled in Europe a couple of times, and got to see a lot sculptures and paintings and buildings. I enjoyed the museums and history, but I think I would appreciate it more if I new more about art. Does anyone know any good books or online classes I could take?

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How can I learn to make kinetic sculpture?

ronald l asked the question:

I have no artistic background nor other relevant experience like model making.

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